Mid-Nebraska Baseball League



 2018 Mid-Nebraska Legion Baseball Rules

East Division- Kearney LC, PWG, Central City, Kearney County, St. Paul, Aurora, and Shelton/Gibbon

West Division- Gothenburg, Holdrege, Ogallala, Cozad, McCook, Imperial, and Broken Bow

League Website- https://midnebraskaleague.webs.com/home.htm

Rule 1:  All games will be played in accordance with the National American Legion Baseball Rules.  Rain out games will be made up from the point the game was called, unless at least 4 and ½ innings are complete for home team or 5 innings for away team.

Rule 2:  League President will select a non-biased person to act upon any protest that might occur.

Rule 3:  A $100 league entry fee for seniors and a $50 fee for juniors will be sent to the league secretary/treasurer by midnight May 31st.  An additional $50 will be added for late entry.  A $50 initiation fee will be collected from all first year members.  Fees will be used for presidents, website coordinator, and secretary/treasurer?s salary (combined total of $600 per year), trophies, postage, stationary, All-Star t-shirts and meal, and any expenses incurred in operating the league.

Rule 4:  The league will be split into two divisions: East and West.

Rule 5:  Each team will set their own starting times for home games and their own admission charge.  Two coaches from the Juniors and Seniors teams will receive Family Passes good for all Mid-Nebraska League Games. 

Rule 6:  Rain out games will be rescheduled.  Teams need to try to make an honest effort to make up the game.

Rule 7:  If a team forfeits a game for inexcusable reasons, then that team will be fined $50.00 payable to the league and also put on a 1 year probation.  The League President has the authority to determine if the team has reasonable cause.

Rule 8:  In doubleheaders the visiting team will be home for the first game.  The home team will be home for the second game.

Rule 9:  The 8 run rule after 4 ½ innings will apply in all league games.

Rule 10:  A 2 hour and 15 minute time limit will be placed on all junior league games.  No game shall end in a tie.  No new inning will start 2 hours 15 minutes after the first pitch unless the score is tied.  Senior games will play to the finish.

Rule 11:  All League games must have either 2 Certified Umpires or 1 Certified & 1 Registered Umpire for all League Games.  If this is not followed in the game, it will be considered a forfeit for the home team.  Any dispute must be reported to the League President within 48 hours of the game in question. 

Rule 12:  An East vs. West playoff game will be played by both Junior and senior division winners to determine the league champions.  Gate receipts will be split 50/50 after expenses.  Expenses include payment of umpires and cost of baseballs used.  No season passes may be used for admission to League Championship games except for the coaches family passes.

Rule 13:  The Senior playoff game will be hosted by the West Division on even numbered years.  The East division will host on odd numbered years.  The junior playoff game will be played opposite the senior playoff.

Rule 14:  The host team will be home for all league playoff games.

Rule 15:  Trophies will be provided for the division champion and overall champions will receive medals and trophies.

Rule 16:  Teams need to notify league president if they are unable to attend the league meeting.  Failing to do so will result in those teams being placed on a one year probation and fined $50.

Rule 17:  Courtesy Runners and Re-Entry are only allowed if 2018 Nebraska Legion rules allow it.

Rule 18:  A designated hitter may be used for the pitcher only.

Rule 19:  Pitchers will have a daily maximum of 105 pitches per day, down from 120.

Required rest will be as follows:

1-30 pitches: 0 days

31-45 pitches: 1 day

46-60 pitches: 2 days

61-80 pitches: 3 days

81+ pitches: 4 days

Pitchers may only make two appearances in any three consecutive days. Players will be charged with two appearances if they leave the pitching position and return as a pitcher in the same game.

Rule 20:  American Legion Baseball will also follow the no-pitch intentional walk rule adopted by MLB.

Rule 21:  If a game is protested, a fee of $15 must accompany the protest when sent to the league treasurer.  If the protest is not allowed, the fee will be deposited in the league account.  If the protest is allowed, the fee will be returned.  No protest will be considered upon umpires? judgment.  The league president must be informed of the protest within 24 hours of the game.

Rule 22:  Teams within the same division will play on a home-and-home basis.  Teams must play 80% of their scheduled divisional games to be in contention for the league championship.  Games played again non-divisional teams will not count for or against league record.  Teams should make every effort to play a full league schedule. 

Rule 23:  There is a cap of no more than 20 teams to be in the league.

Rule 24:  Tie breaker rules:

a)      Between two teams:

a.       Winner of last league game played head to head

b)      Between three teams:

a.       Least runs allowed in league games between those tied

b.      Least runs allowed in all league games within the division

c.       Coin flip

All-Star Game Rules

Rule 1:  Each Senior division team will have 20 players.  A minimum of two players and a maximum of four players from each team will be selected.  Coaches will nominate from 1-4 players from their squad and the All-Star Coaches will select team off the nominations.

Rule 2:  There will be 3 coaches for each All-Star team, representing 3 teams.

a)      2018 coaches- East---Head Coach Shelton/Gib and assisted by Kearney & Aurora

b)      2018 coaches-West---Head Coach McCook and assisted by Holdrege & Broken Bow.

Rule 3:  If the All-Star game is rained out each senior team will pay $20 by the end of the July to help cover the cost of the All-Star shirts.

Rule 4:  The league will pay for the shirts for all participants.  The Host will pay for umpires and food for players and will receive the gate.

Rule 5:  A pitcher may not exceed 6 outs in the game.

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